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Sunday, October 24, 2004

I am an Indie-Academic-Progressive Girl

I try to avoid labelling myself and others, but I really enjoyed the quiz that Brooke linked to the other day: What Kind of Girl are You? (You can also take What Kind of Girl is She?) (Whoa! I'm taking the latter quiz right now, and is the fourth response on the fourth page a shout-out to me or what?!) (Also, Dear Quiz: He's no longer president, and you forgot the diacritical marks on his name. Therefore, I am smarter than you. Love, J.) (Four parenthetical comments in a row!)

The quiz tagged me as a hybrid between an Academic and a Progressive Girl, but when I read through the rest of the options I thought that the Indie Girl one really fit as well, especially the second paragraph, which reads as though it were written especially for me: "You can boil the Indie Girl down to two words: cultural literacy. Or how about these two: media consumption. As the Gourmet Girl loves food and all that goes with it, the Indie Girl loves media: books, movies, music, and art. The good news is you don't have to be rich, good-looking, or famous to win this girl's heart. The bad news is she will judge you based on your music choices, the books you read, and the films you watch." And then number 3 under "She might be an Indie Girl if...:" She begins her sentences with: "It's like that Simpsons episode..." Replace "Simpons episode" with "Onion article," and that phrase accounts for about 90% of my conversations.

What kind of a girl are you? What kind of a girl is your friend or girlfriend? Take the quiz and post the results!