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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Major Major

Today, I officially declared my double major in Religious Studies and Hispanic Studies. This feels like a tremendous accomplishment--even though I've been sure of that particular combination since early last fall, when people have asked me what I'm studying, for some reason I always qualifty my answer with "...But I haven't actually declared it yet." But honestly. I love what I'm studying, and I'm glad to now be studying it "offically."

I'm feeling pleasurably overwhelmed about next semester--I think any over-achiever will understand that feeling! If the registration gods smile upon me, I'll be taking Introduction to Judaism, Women in American Religious History, and Seminar in Early American Religion, all for my major. Kugler (my religious studies advisor) wants me to take Qualitative Research Methods through the Sociology-Anthropology department, to help me with writing my thesis, so I talked with that professor this afternoon to see about getting the SOAN prerequisite waived. At my advising appointment a couple weeks ago, Kugler and I were going through the course catalogue, looking for classes that would satisfy those goddamn gen. ed. quantitative requirements, and he really got into the idea of me taking Game Theory through the Economics department. I haven't taken Econ 100, but I did do IB Economics in high school, so I went and talked with Cliff Bekar about taking the class.

Me: So...do you need to sign a form or something to waive the pre-req?
Dr. Bekar: I don't know, because I've never waived a pre-req for any student before.

That makes five classes and twenty credits, once again. I'm perfectly fine with overloading every semester of my college career (except the semester senior year when I'm writing my thesis), and, more importantly, Kugler has reconciled himself to the fact. I'm not taking Spanish next semester--Wendy Woodrich, my Hispanic Studies consejera, gave me the stink-eye when she heard that--but I'm probably going to get an internship with the ESL program at Roosevelt High School. Plus there's my job at the church (I'll have to tell all of you about that sometime soon), and the school bell choir, and College Democrats (vastly scaled back, for obvious reasons), and baby-sitting Little C. So I'll be busy, but in a happy way, I think.