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Saturday, October 30, 2004

My D.I.Y costume

For the first time in at least five years, I'm dressing up for Halloween. I mean, my costume is kind of half-assed, but I'm still excited. I'm training canvassers for Trick or Vote; we're canvassing at 2pm and then going back to the Crystal Ballroom for the big Halloween party there. When I found out I had to be in costume for the party, I was both nervous and happy: nervous, because I thought I'd be self-conscious in whatever I wore, and excited because I had actually wanted to dress up and just needed someone to give me a reason. I decided to go as Hermione, from the Harry Potter books. I figure it's appropriate: as I've said before, I recognize in myself a ton of both Hermione's good and bad traits. I pretty much am Hermione, minus the, you know, magical powers. I'm Muggle Hermione!

I didn't get moving early enough to buy a scarf or tie in the Gryffindor colors like she wears, but I think it'll be okay. I'm wearing a blue and gray argyle sweater, knee-length black skirt with tights, and a black cape that I got on sale at Fred Meyer's. I cut out an oval of cardboard, taped it to a pin, and drew the Hogwarts crest on it; I'm using the pin like a brooch to connect the cape to the sweater. Total cost: $6.99.

I freely admit that I based the entire costume off the dress of this doll, which Sarah and Becca should recognize: she's currently sitting on top of my printer, riding on the back of Cade's motorcycle.

As the French say, have a 'appy 'alloween! And if you're in Portland, come to Trick or Vote!!