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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

An exciting turn of events!

I just had my overseas interview with Juan Carlos. I was nervous, because I still find him a little intimidating, and I wasn't sure what he was going to ask me. It turned out to be totally anticlimactic. A few questions about why I want to go to Chile instead of the Dominican Republic, why I want to go to Valparaíso instead of Santiago, and whether I'm going to try to transfer Religious Studies credits over, and ya. It took less than ten minutes. Guys, I'm going to Chile!!!

Remember how I told you about Gustavo Gutierrez coming to the U of O? I couldn't find a ride, so I started looking at the Greyhound bus schedules. I was talking with my mom last night, and she told me that in addition to the lecture he's giving on Thursday, there's going to be a public forum with him on Friday with a reception afterwards. I was all, "Oh man, too bad I have to take the bus back to school Thursday evening...OR DO I?" I'm already missing Religion in Modern America and History of Modern Mexico on Thursday, but both professors are encouraging me to go hear Gutierrez, since he and liberation theology have a lot to do with both classes. If I stayed in Eugene through Friday, I'd miss International Affairs, which I think I can afford to do despite this incident, and Spanish. But again, Mónica Flori would be totally okay with me missing Major Periods of South American Literature to go hear a Major South American. Kugler's already cancelled Old Testament, since he'll be at a conference, and I generally don't have to babysit Little C on Fridays.

Guys, it's looking good!

So the plan is, I'm taking the bus down to Eugene on Wednesday afternoon and coming back up Saturday evening. To say I'm looking forward to it would be an understatement. The further I get into this year the more I realize that liberation theology is really my passion within Religious Studies--or really, my passion, full stop. I love it and I want to keep studying it. Going to hear Gutierrez's lecture and hopefully speaking with him at the reception will be an awesome first step.

(On an unrelated note, The Amazing Race starts again tonight!! If you're at Lewis & Clark, I expect to see you in the Akin lounge at 9pm SHARP!)