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Monday, November 29, 2004

"It's not nefarious...It's Venezuela!"

Thus spake Prof. Cortell, describing the US's contingency plan if Saudi oil should run out or prove too costly. He described Venezuela as a "more stable" oil provider than Saudi Arabia, causing Nick and me in the back row to snark to each other, "When your more stable option is Venezuela, something might be wrong with your foreign policy." Cortell saw us smiling and said that we were right to be skeptical of the plan, given the 48-hour coup in 2000 and the fact that Hugo Chavez is not the biggest fan of the US. I love nearly everything I know about Chavez (how can you not love someone who has a national nightly talk show called 'Alo Presidente!but the US probably shouldn't base its foreign policy on his being amiable to US oil interests.

In other Latin American news: J.Lee and I gave our Spanish presentation today about Mario Benedetti's Andamios, the novel we're reading for class. It went pretty well, and actually ended up being much longer than we had expected--probably 15-20 minutes. And I turned in my final paper for Modern Mexico today! It was about the effects of liberation theology on the Zapatista movement in Chiapas. Aside from spending time with my family and relaxing a little, that was the major thing I accomplished over Thanksgiving break: all 11 pages of the paper were written Friday and Saturday afternoons.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, or if you're out of the country or don't observe Thanksgiving...a good Thursday, I guess. I'm sort of getting back into the swing of things here. This is a strange little chunk of time: there's just two weeks of classes left, then a week of finals, then we're off for a month. As Kugler said today in Old Testament, it's a little like being stuck in a revolving door, and I'm not sure how much I should or can settle back into the school routine before I leave again.