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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Apparently, there is life after finals

Ah, break: the time of year when my referral logs change from the ubiquitous lclark.edu to everyone's home internet providers. Because I'm a nerd, I like to try to figure out which domain name corresponds to which person: based on the times I know I've visited my own blog, I know that I'm dialsprint.net, for instance, and that Ryan is proxad.net, and I'm pretty sure Amanda P. is bc.ca or something like that.

Like I said: nerd.

My finals ended up going pretty well, for the most part. I studied like mad for my Old Testament final, but it ended up not helping very much for the identification and multiple choice portions of the test. I mean, I made 139 flashcards about different scriptural passages that proved certain scholarly perspectives and names and dates and battles and imperial powers and kings, but the questions just didn't pertain to things that I had studied. That was frustrating. The essay segment, though, went very well, I thought. It was essentially a document-based question about this passage from the Psalms of Solomon; since we hadn't studied the Psalms of Solomon (which are distinct from both the Psalms in the Bible and the Song of Solomon) in class, we just had to apply knowledge we did have to analyze about a dozen verses. My other finals--Religion in Modern America, Modern Mexico, International Affairs, and Spanish--all were fine. Old Testament was just a hard class for me. Kugler's a tough professor.

My last final, International Affairs, was Wednesday morning, so since I wasn't leaving until Thursday, I had the rest of the day to get my affairs in order and say goodbye to people and goof around. I ended up taking the 2:00 shuttle downtown to do some shopping, then I met Sarah and her roommates Hee-Sun, Kristin, Laurinda, and our friend Tim for dinner at Typhoon, then watched the finale of America's Next Top Model with Riana, Amy, Peggy, and others, which...okay, maybe Yaya was a little arrogant and pretentious, but she was way more gorgeous than Eva. Anyways, I'm totally hooked. Damn you, reality TV! Damn you, Tyra Banks!

The rest of Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning was spent hanging out and talking with Matt and Sarah and her roommates. It's pretty incredible and more than a little tragic that those who are going abroad next semester, I won't see for an entire year. Matt's going to be in Russia (by way of India, Korea, and China), Sarah'll be in the Dominican Republic, and J. Lee will be in Chile this spring, then I'll be in Chile next fall.

On the other hand, it's exciting that soon I'll see those who have been abroad this semester: Ryan from France, Chris from Japan, and J. Ho from the D.R. I can't wait to see you all and hear all about your experiences! This coming semester will be one of change--welcome change, I think. I'm looking forward to all of my classes--even Game Theory!--and I'm looking forward to reuniting with old friends and strengthening and developing new friendships.

That's enough for tonight, I think. I'll leave you all with some excellent quotes, and the promise of more later:

Kristin: "These people from Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado--they're all obsessed with fresh air. In Massachusetts, we're like, 'Yeah, open the window--let in some fresh smog.'"

Mom: "Wait a minute. P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg are different people?"