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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sing the glory, Oregon...

...And to victory urged the heroes
Of our mighty Oregon!

This evening I went with Dad and Andy to the UO Ducks women's basketball game at Mac Court. What a game!!!! We were playing Stanford, the fifth-ranked team in the nation. They took an early lead--for the first 15 minutes or so, it seemed as though, as Duck coach Bev Smith said in her post-game interview, the Duck basket was covered in cellophane. We just could not get anything in. We were playing great defense, though, so we kept their score down. By the end of the first half, we were starting to claw our way back up, and by halftime we had narrowed their lead to five or so points. They pulled ahead at the start of the second half, then we went on a run and finally pulled ahead with about five minutes left. Dad and Andy and I disagreed about this on the walk home, but I thougth Stanford was playing dirty: they kept trying to foul Mizokawa, our point-guard, just because she's our weakest free-throw shooter and then they could regain possession. It's like purposely walking a batter in baseball, or bidding one dollar above someone else's guess on The Price is Right: it's legal, but it's a little dirty. And as strategy, it didn't even work for them: we won, 62 to 58!!!

Oh man, it was exciting! Mac Court was more full than I've ever seen it for a women's game: almost all the levels were packed. It was a sea of green and yellow; everyone was stomping their feet and screaming and cheering. It was just electric. And being there with Dad and Andy brought back memories of elementary school, when our whole family was really into Duck women's basketball. Andy and I were members of this Jr. Ducks club, and we got to do all of these meet-the-players activities and got trading cards and T-shirts and things. For at least a couple seasons, I think I went with them to almost all of the home games. I was even inspired to play basketball in fifth grade, my first and last forray into organized athletics. Dad and Andy kept going to the games, but I lost interest for some reason and stopped. I had forgotten how much fun it used to be.

On a different note: today, someone found my blog by searching "Out of the Whirlwind" on Google; apparently, because of this entry, I'm the second search result, even before Biblical references and religious pages!! (In last quarter or so of the Book of Job around, God speaks to Job "out of the whirlwind," and God's speeches are sometimes called the Whirlwind Discourses.) Someone also recently reached this site by searching mary ann spier, haircut. Sweet!