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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Study break!

The library is packed!

Kathleen and I are studying for the in-class part of our Modern Mexico final, which will be tomorrow. I'm pretty confident that it will go well, and then that class will be over--thank God. I mean, it wasn't bad, so much as it just seemed sort of...inessential. I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know or hadn't already learned in Modern Latin American History last fall or IB History of the Americas in high school. I'm glad I took the class, but I'm glad it's ending.

Plus, a little part of me died the other day when the professor called Vicente Fox "Vincent Fox."

I mean, Vincent Fox.

Kathleen lent me the handout that was...well...handed out the day I was gone. Next to Cuahtehmoc Cardenas' name she had written, "Mother-fuckin' bad ass."