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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Important things I forgot to bring back to college after a month of vacation

1. Soap
2. Loofah
3. Washcloths
4. Scarf*
5. Umbrella
6. Ethernet cable
7. Birth control pills**

Genius, Jessica. Genius.

*Not the one I knitted; that would have been really bad. The one I forgot at home was red, and I wore it a fair amount of time. I might ask my parents to send it up.

**This sounds like the most serious item to forget, but it's not actually a huge deal. Like many women, I don't take birth control pills to, you know, control birth, just to regulate my hormones. I had a four-month supply and I only forgot one packet, so I'll be good for awhile, and by the time I run out of those I should have received the next shipment. (Maybe I should have titled my post "Everything you never wanted to know about my endocrine system!")

I unpacked today and straightened up. My side of the room is probably the cleanest it'll be all semester, and the sad part is that it isn't even all that clean. Oh, and classes start tomorrow--wish me luck!