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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Learning is fun. So is knitting.

I had forgotten how amazing and shocking it is to learn something completely new. Not learning about something, or learning new facts about something already known--we all do that all the time, and it's fun, but it's not, you know, earthshaking. To learn something completely new--learning to read, for instance, or learning to speak a language, or learning to drive, not that I've had any experience with that (I have yet again failed in my resolution to get my learner's permit over break)--that's like raising your consciousness to a new level. A paradigm shift. Spiralling upwards. Blah blah blah corporate buzzwords.

Last night, I learned how to knit.

Ever since, I've been a knitting fool. I could barely tear needles from my clawed fingers so that I could type out this post. I started a scarf yesterday, after Sarah taught Becca and me as we waited for Kinsey in the movie-theater lobby. I cast on with 15 stitches, but due to my amazing ability to add stitches, I was soon up to 27--in otherwords, I almost doubled the width of the scarf. Yeah, I don't know how the hell that happened. I have about two feet so far, the last fifteen inches or so of which are pretty good.

I'm still just amazed that I'm actually making an item of clothing with my own two hands. I can't wait until I finish this scarf. You better believe I'll be wearing it, like, twenty-four hours a day.

Also: Happy 20th birthday, Becca!!