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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

When I'm not busy reading Ann M. Martin...

Okay, this is fun. I got this book meme from DeAnn, who got it from Lynn, who got it from White Pebble. Instructions: Copy this list of ten authors, removing those not in your home library and replacing each with an author who is. The authors I added are in bold. It's pretty interesting to trace the meme back and see which authors I took off DeAnn's list, which ones she removed from Lynn's, etc.

By the way, Ann M. Martin is the author of the Baby-Sitters Club series (although the last 75 books, at least, were written mostly by ghostwriters).

1. Ernest Hemingway
2. Gabriel García Márquez
3. Willa Cather
4. John Steinbeck
5. Milan Kundera
6. J.D. Salinger
7. F. Scott Fitzgerald
8. Amy Tan
9. Elaine Pagels
10. William Shakespeare

I am so ready for break to be over. Expect a longer post within twenty-four hours. Until then, check out this picture I found on Clay's College Facebook profile. Don't we all look sickeningly happy and well-scrubbed and wholesome? It seriously looks like a Jordache ad or something. From left to right: Clay, Taka, Amanda, Laurel, Yuri, Arezu, Chris, yours truly, and Alexis. Holy crap, my hair was long!