...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fight, flight, or sit tight

Last night, returning to the dorm from Casino Night, Ryan and I passed by the lounge, where a passel of people were watching Alien vs. Predator. We started out standing slightly outside the lounge, making fun of the movie and speculating on why we anthropomorphize aliens and always make them all slimy and stuff, all Mystery Science Theater 3000, but eventually got sucked into the vortex and ended up watching the last 50 minutes or so. As we watched, I came to an important realization about myself: if faced with a situation in which an alien or a dinosaur or a deranged hook-handed serial killer was chasing me, I would probably just give up.

I'm serious. I don't mean that I would just offer myself up to the dinosaur/alien/killer, but all that running and screaming and confusion and dirtiness? No. I would probably twist my ankles, for one thing, and I don't really like to run, or deal with a lot of noise or confusion, and I know I would feel all grimy and gross. And for what? At least 5/7 of all research teams are eventually killed by whatever it is they come upon, and I just don't see myself as one of the plucky survivors. I'm pretty sure that I would try to find a small room with no windows and a lockable door where I could esconce myself and then just sit tight, make my peace with God, and reconcile myself to the fact that I might die. Plus, that way I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty.

On an unrelated note, Friday was my 20th birthday, and it was fun, although I still haven't quite reconciled myself to the fact that I'm officially "in my twenties." I spent the afternoon after Intro to Judaism with my mom, who was on her way up to Seattle, and reading; in the evening a group of thirteen of us went out to dinner at Typhoon, the Thai restaurant downtown on Broadway. Unfortunately, we had to split up at the restaurant, since there were too many of us: Simran, Riana, Anna, Rose, Peggy, Hillary, and Simran's prospective student Whitney sat at one table, while Chris, Ryan, their prospies Cameron and Bryan, Masha, and I sat at the other. My favorite thing we ordered was the Drunken Noodles with beef, although maybe Masha and I had a little too much, since she tried to wash her hands with the mouth wash and I almost mouth-washed with the hand lotion in the very swank women's room after dinner. Afterwards, most of the girls headed back to campus, and we (the people at my table) went ice skating at the Lloyd Center. It was a lot of fun, and I didn't even fall down this time! We fortuitously ran into Clay and Laurel, whose birthday it also was, back at Pioneer Square and took a bunch of pictures all together. After getting back to the dorm, we played several games of Mafia with the group and ate cake. So, all in all, a fun birthday and a great weekend overall. The only downside is that I did almost no homework, which right now is coming back to bite me. Oh well!

Oh, and a great quote of the day:

Ryan: "I haven't started my period yet."