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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I always knew it

Edit: The html from the Which America-Hating Minority Are You? quiz was screwing up my template and pushing my info bar to the bottom of the page. However, if you're interested, my result was the same as Clay's, which he has posted here. In case you're curious, I am an intellectual America-hater.

Man, was the finale of The Amazing Race a disappointment, or what? Kris and Jon will always be the winners in my heart. Looks like next season (three weeks!) they go to Peru or maybe Ecuador, and Boston Rob and Amber are going to be on! I'm not sure how I feel about that--the trans-show mixing of reality contestants. I'll be watching, in any case. I hope there's not so much bunching this time 'round, because fuck.

As I sit here at the computer pounding my head against the desk and blogging rather than work on this dumb-ass essay about critiquing scholars' approaches to analyzing popular/folk/institutional religion viz a vis this one case study of witchcraft in medieval Italy for my religion seminar, I leave you all with this remarkably prescient quote from Laura:

"I swear, by the time I graduate, the department is going to be perfectly partitioned into people who think i'm a lame-ass whiner bad-study-habits girl and people who think I'm a great and energetic and dedicated promising undergrad. Interestingly enough, that's exactly the people who have seen my problem sets and the people who haven't."

Oh, and Donna's driving Matt and me to the Multnomah County Democrats meeting tomorrow at 6:15. Anyone interested? We should be back in time for The Apprentice.