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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I can't stand the excitement

Remember how in the last entry I said I was looking forward to writing a "thick description" of my dorm room for Qual? Well, I take it back, because that paper was the most tedious thing I've ever written. Here's just an example to give you an idea of the tedium:

A standard twin-size bed stands directly across the room from the door, its long side pushed flush against the wall with the back wall (with the window) so that the head of the bed fits into the northwest corner of the room, with its foot reaching about halfway down the middle segment of the window. The bed stands about two and a half feet of the ground, at neither the highest nor the lowest setting possible. The school-issued mattress is covered with dark blue fitted sheet, the elastic corners of which do not quite fit around the corners of the mattress. Rather than layers of lighter blankets or sheets, above the fitted sheet there is only a cream-colored down comforter. The comforter is folded twice on the bed, as it was designed for a queen-size, and several yellow and pink stains where a hi-lighter has bled into it are visible. At the head of the bed are two pillows, one in a dark blue case that matches the fitted sheet and the other in a patterned cover of flowers and vines on a white background.

And that's just my BED. Imagine writing five pages like that. Now imagine doing it at one in the morning.