...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh, it's such a perfect day / I'm glad I spent it with you...

If "today" includes the time period between 8:00pm Thursday and about 9:15pm tonight, then it's hard to imagine a more perfect day. Going to the gym was good and felt fantastic, and I enjoyed watching The Apprentice with Amy and talking with Jeff for about an hour afterwards. I got a lot of work done and had a good time at Chris and Ryan's (I'll link to you guys after you start updating your blogs!) and even managed to read a little Kundera before I went to sleep around 3:30am.

Today after class, a long nap, and lunch with friends, I headed downtown to deposit some checks. It was such a beautiful day that after hitting the bank (which I love; the US Bank downtown is so ornate and old-fashioned that I feel like I'm in Mary Poppins or something) I decided to walk up to Powell's. I took a slightly different route this time, walking up Oak I think instead of Burnside, and I stumbled across this little independent feminist magazine shop. It carried all manner of literary journals, zines, feminist and punk and gay/lesbian magazines, as well as some cool calendars and stationary. I didn't want to spend too much money, but I ended up getting the latest edition of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, one of my favorite magazines; Heeb, which looks to a magazine for young, subversive-ish Jewish women (which I'm not, but I was attracted by the article about celebrity Kabbalah); and a copy of the East Village Inky, a zine by a woman who has a regular column in Bust (For Women With Something to Get off their Chests). I walked out of the store feeling all independent and savvy and kick-ass; the sun was shining and I felt virtuous for supporting an independent feminist establishment, and doing it all with great-looking hair.

After leaving the magazine shop, I was going to finish walking up to Powell's but was immediately side-tracked by a funky little coffee-shop that I had never seen before. I got a cappuccino and looked through some of the zines and alternative magazines they had laying out on the counters; when I left I could feel the caffeine surging through my veins. As I walked down the street, I looked at the people, and I felt as though I could see right through them to their ultimate reality, their core of goodness and humanity, and I had nothing but love for them. I felt so good that I hardly cared when I missed the shuttle back to school and had to wait for an hour at the Starbuck's in Pioneer Square. I read and listened to Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead on my iPod and people-watched, radiating goodwill towards humanity.

When I got back to campus, I went straight to a Religious Studies presentation given by Prof. Morril; she's currently a Visiting Professor and is interviewing for the tenure-track position. As part of the interview process, she presented her research today to the rest of the Religious Studies faculty and any interested students. Her work has focused on women in American religion and specifically Mormon women, and even more specifically how Mormon women create their own theologies through the nature and flower imagery in their poetry. Afterwords, the other professors asked her questions, and I loved it. I absolutely love seeing my professors interact as scholars, discussing their research and posing these intense theoretical and theological questions to each other and challenging each other. It's both daunting and inspiring. Alan Cole, the professor of Asian religions, speaks like a Jedi knight. After dinner I went downtown to hear John Dominic Crossan, a very prominent Biblical and historical Jesus/Paul scholar, give a lecture at the Center for Spiritual Development,, which was also very interesting.

Oh, it was a good day. I thought nothing could bring me down, but then something kind of did, but then it turned out to maybe not be so big a deal. So.

The title of this entry comes from the song "Perfect Day", by the Velvet Underground. I hope you all--everyone who is reading this--have your own perfect days soon. Maybe even this weekend.