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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Put the milk in the bag

Or, as I say it, "Put the melk in the beg." Seriously, what is up with that? At least six people have told me this year, on separate occasions and independently of each other, that I speak as though I were from the Midwest. Today, it came up as Matt and I were leaving church and he was looking for a recycling bin for a flier:

Jessica: "Well, if you don't want to carry it, I'll put it in my bag."
Matt: "Wait a minute. What did you just say?"
Jessica: "I'll put it in my bag."
Matt: "Did you say beg or baaaag?"
Jessica: "Beg."
Matt: "Are you from Minnesota or something?"

But the thing is, I've lived my entire life in Oregon--Eugene until high school graduation, then Portland. I'm pretty sure I've said this word the same way my entire life, so why is everyone suddenly convinced that I've just stepped out of Fargo? Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, just kind of bemused and bewildered.

Maybe I should start a Facebook group: "I say 'beg,' dammit!"

But oh! Quotes:

Peggy, to Ryan: "You make me feel like less of a heinous bitch."

Matt: "Oh, that's totally a book I would read, if I read books."

Peggy: "See, the problem is that I have no balls."
Ryan: "Maybe we can be your balls."

Jessica: "Well, who in Akin likes boffing? Wait..."