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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Aw, my first hangover

I realized last night that Minnesota Trucker Hat and I have never had a meaningful conversation without both being quite drunk. So, last night brought the grand total of meaningful conversations we've had up to...two: at Landon's election night party and at the thing last night at Peggy's friend Dave's. We started talking about the relative merits of the Religious Studies versus the Political Science departments, which spun into loud proclamations of the awesomeness of Professor Cortell ("I fucking love that man." "Seriously, dude.") and then somehow developed into a shouted argument about whether or not Lynryd Skynryd is racist, and damn that is an obnoxious name to have to type, and I maintain that "Sweet Home Alabama" glorifies the Wallace era. I mean, come on.

The party ended the same way all nerdy liberal arts parties end: with people gesticulating drunkenly and yelling about capitalism and socialism and workers owning the means of production. Hee. SMASH CAPITALISME! But also, I got beer spilled all over my jeans (not by me), and that was not so much fun.

Quote of the Day:

Peggy: "Wait, is he the virgin?"