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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Facebook is a giant time vacuum!

The other day I went through The Facebook listings for my old high school again and added several more people from the classes of 2003 (my year) and 2004. Taking a break from writing a Judaism paper, I've spent the last half hour or so reading their profiles and following the links on their pages to see who their friends are at different schools.

When I was junior in high school, there was this one guy in the class of 2002 who went to Harvard. I went to a pretty rigorous, high-achieving school, and every year probably a dozen kids would go on the Ivy League, but this particular year he was the only person accepted into Harvard, and because he wasn't a genius but was huge, it was pretty widely recognized that he got in based on his athletic prowress. When I was a senior he came back for winter break and spoke to my history class, and apparently he was getting a kickback for every extra foot he threw the javelin or something like that.

While I was poking around one of my new Facebook friends' profiles, I found his picture. And brother looks rough.

Like, rough! His skin is orange and plastic-looking, he's got the spiky, gelled, bleached-blond hair, the forced smile, and he's even clutching a drink in the picture.

Oh, Schadenfraude. I love you.

Also, the other day I confirmed a proffered friendship from someone I actively disliked in high school. I'm pretty much a Facebook whore.