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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bernard the Head Elf will always have a special place in my heart

I've been thinking about it, and I'm pretty sure that David Krumholtz is one of my favorite actors. Becca might remember this conversation that we had over MSN Messenger on January 20 (remember, I archive all my Messenger conversations so I fact-check and cross-reference them later. Also, I'm kind of a stalker) ("beyond comprehension" is Becca and "perfectly cromulent" is me):

beyond comprehension says: (5:15:19 PM)
   do you know who david krumholtz is?

perfectly cromulent says: (5:15:37 PM)
   is he an actor?

beyond comprehension says: (5:15:47 PM)

perfectly cromulent says: (5:15:58 PM)
   yeah, I think so. Young guy, black hair, large nose?

beyond comprehension says: (5:16:10 PM)

perfectly cromulent says: (5:16:17 PM)
   why do you ask?

beyond comprehension says: (5:16:42 PM)
   i've always liked him, and i just found out what his name was

perfectly cromulent says: (5:16:58 PM)

perfectly cromulent says: (5:17:09 PM)
   He was Bernard, the head elf in "The Santa Clause"

beyond comprehension says: (5:17:25 PM)
   i know!!

beyond comprehension says: (5:17:37 PM)
   that was where i orininally saw him

perfectly cromulent says: (5:17:45 PM)
   heehee, me too

perfectly cromulent says: (5:17:50 PM)
   I loved Bernard.

beyond comprehension says: (5:18:20 PM)
   i found out that his hair actually looked like that for a while

beyond comprehension says: (5:21:03 PM)
   have you seen teh santa clause 2?

perfectly cromulent says: (5:21:22 PM)
   yeah, but I thought it was pretty crappy

beyond comprehension says: (5:21:40 PM)
   the only redeaming factor was bernard

perfectly cromulent says: (5:21:59 PM)
   yeah, and they even made him more cartoony and less cool

beyond comprehension says: (5:22:22 PM)
   totally, he was almost vicious in the first one.

Since then, I've spent some time perusing David Krumholtz's IMDb profile, and sad to say...The Santa Clause has probably been the highlight of his cinematic career. But! What he's lost in association with Tim Allen, he's more than make up for by being associated with some of the best TV shows in recent years. Back when ER was still good, he played the crazy dude who stabbed Carter, driving him into a downward spiral of genteel painkiller addiction and general pissiness, although that was back when Carter was still kind of cool, so I didn't like David Krumholtz for stabbing him. He was also on Undeclared, which, although never reaching Freaks and Geeks levels of humor, pathos, and brilliance, was still quite good.

And speaking of Freaks and Geeks? He played Barry Schweiber, Neal's older brother who comes back to visit in the heart-breaking episode "Noshing and Moshing."

Conclusion: David Krumholtz is cool, and should stop making movies with Tim Allen.

Recent memorable quotes:

Me: "I could see F. Scott Fitzgerald being a limousine liberal."
Andy (my younger brother, age 17): "Limousine liberal? That's good! I like that."
Me: "Well, I didn't make it up."
Andy: "Well, I figured."

Peggy: "You should learn how to cook in Chile. Then you can come back and make us really good Mexican food!"

Andy: "Monterrey! That's where Steinbeck growed up!"