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Monday, April 25, 2005

Oh, game theory. You are not as fun as your name would imply.

So, Game Theory midterm tomorrow. Which I think will go okay, because I feel as though I understand the material fairly well: strategic game theory. Salami slicing. Reducing incentives to defect. Collective action. Amusement-park building. Freeways vs. local roads s(n)=n^2 p(n+1)=(n+1)^2-100 what does n equal maximum benefit brinkmanship US USSR Cuba acceptability condition extensive form game tree p and q and upper limit of range of exploration of AHHHHHAA!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is, I need to do very well on this test because I did extremely poorly on the first of our three midterms and Cliff Bekar graciously offered to drop our lowest midterm grade and just average our two higher grades. I'm very thankful for that, but it does raise the stakes somewhat. Or a lot.

So like a good girl I did all of the suggested review questions over the weekend and went in to see him this morning during his office hours to make sure I was doing them correctly, since our text book doesn't have the solutions in the back and I've been known to do stupid things like completely forget how to calculate Nash equilibrium or convince myself that in a Prisoner's Dilemma, (Defect, Cooperate) and (Cooperate, Defect) are the Nash. Um, no. That's what makes it a Prisoner's Dilemma, genius. But Bekar apparently has not one but two midterms tomorrow, so there was a long line of students sitting on the floor, staring at text books outside of his office. I waited for probably about forty minutes, working on one of the brinkmanship problems about a union threatening to strike. By the time I got to speak with him, it was clear there wasn't enough time to go over all the review questions with him, since there were still other people waiting and he had a meeting in twenty minutes.

I asked him what time he comes in tomorrow. "Can I ask you then?" Our test is at 1:50 in the afternoon.

"Well, I get here at 6:30," he says.

"Oh, so I'll come by sometime in the morning. How about nine?"

"I teach a class at eight."

The 8:00 class runs until 9:30. I have class from 9:40-11:10, and I know from previous experience of trying to see him the day of the test that he teaches at 11:30.


So, the long and short of it is that I'm getting up at 6:30 tomorrow, the butt crack of dawn, the earliest I'll have gotten up all semester, to talk about Game Theory with Cliff Bekar at 7:15 in the morning.

I'll tell you, I better fucking ace this test.