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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In which I get pounded

Tonight DeAnn and Jenny and I went to hear Wendy McClure read from her book I'm Not the New Me at Powells. Oh, it was funny. I bought the book when I was downtown...yesterday? and have really been enjoying it, in the same way that I enjoyed her longer journal entries: you laugh and laugh, then get to the last sentence that throws the whole entry onto some sort of existential level, and you're like "Ha ha!....Oh. Oh." Some of her writing is just flat-out hilarious, though, like her recap of the Fox News segment on blogging, that one time when she and a friend fugged up a knock-off American Girl doll and went to tea at American Girl Place, and of course the infamous 1974 Weight Watchers recipe cards. Plus, she was one of the founding writers for Television Without Pity.

Before the reading, I got up from our front-row seats to go to the bathroom. Wendy and maybe her assistant were just heading in and she saw me. I was wearing a TWoP shirt, so she must have known that I was there for her reading. We all ended up washing our hands at the same time, and I thougth about saying something or introducing myself but didn't, because I am a dork. Awkward!

After the reading I went up to get my copy of her book signed and I mentioned that I loved one of the new Weight Watchers recipe cards, for Crab Newberg served on pink velvet right next to a huge shell. Her commentary was something like, "Wow, Crab Newberg on pink velvet and it's only your first date with the Miami drug lord?" When I looked at my book as I walked away, I saw that she had written, "Jessica! May you never date a drug lord."


Other stuff that's going on: I'm slowly but surely working my way to the end of the semester. I wrote thirteen solid pages this afternoon and evening. That takes care of my Women in American Religion final paper; I have the exam tomorrow at 1pm. My final paper for Seminar in Early American Religion is technically due tomorrow, but I have an extension day that I can use to turn it in Friday. The only problem is, I'm baby-sitting tomorrow evening and then maybe I might want to say good-bye to some people or something? I also haven't packed a single thing yet, and my mom's coming up to help me move out Friday around 11. The seminar paper's 10-15 pages, which is very doable in a day. I know it's my own damn fault, and I'm not complaining about having work. I can probably get something done tomorrow night after the kids fall asleep, and if need be, I can pull an all-nighter packing and papering Thursday night. Crunch! But you know, I can only think of a few things I would change about the way I've managed my time this semester. Well, okay, more than a few. But I think this particular crunch was inevitable with five courses, two final exams, and four final papers in the 10-20 page range, so I'm not beating myself up over it. Really!