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Friday, May 06, 2005

It always goes quickly at the end

Semester's over, papers have been written, good-byes have been (mostly) said, room has been (almost) all packed up, and I'm off.

Last night was an odyssey of masochism, hallucination (only a little bit), and self-denial. Dear J: Please never wait to start a 10-15 page paper until the afternoon of the day it's due, no matter how much you "have it all in your head." Kisses, J.

That said, I did manage to write 12 pages and I think it turned out well.

The plan:

Starting this Sunday, I'm volunteering for two weeks at a migrant labor camp in Pasco, Washington. That means I'll be without internet access, so no blog updates, unfortunately. I'm also not going to know who wins Amazing Race! Please let it be Uchenna and Joyce.

The service program ends the 22nd. My mom is meeting back in Portland and we're heading to Seattle to see family and then Victoria, BC for a few days, possibly with my grandma.

Then, home, to sleep in and ride bikes and sit drinking endless cups of tea and reading at my Friendly Neighborhood Coffeeshop.

Then....on July 13.....CHILE!

Thanks for a great semester, darlings. I'll miss you all over the summer and next fall and I look forward to seeing everyone again in January!