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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Marinero que se fue a la mar-i-mar-i-mar

Today the girls have been teaching me hand-clap rhythms in Spanish, the Mexican equivalents of our Miss Mary Mack-Mack-Macks and Miss Suzys. I asked them to write some of them in my journal, so that I could memorize them. The first one I learned was "Marinero:"

Marinero que se fue a la mar-i-mar-i-mar
Para ver lo que podia ver-i-ver-i-ver
Pero lo unico que pudo ver-i-ver-i-ver
Fue el fondo de la mar-i-mar-mar!

Get it? It's almost the exact same as one that we have in English:

Miss Suzy went to sea-sea-sea
To see what she could see-see-see
But all that she could see-see-see
Was the bottom of the deep blue see-see-see!

There's also one about a girl who goes to a dance and kisses a boy and then her sister has a baby that's killed by a witch and then cooked into a picadillo, and you have to close your mouth quickly after you finish singing it, because "el que abre la boca, lo comio!" (Who ever opens her mouth, ate it!" I asked the girls to write the rhythms down in my journal, so I could remember them and maybe use them at the Migrant School later this summer.

The kids in my class are making my thank-you cards right now, which I know about because they're so adorably un-suble about it. Or, rather, they try to be so secretive that it immediately becomes clear that something's up. Melissa came up to me, all smiling and coy, "What's your favorite color?" "Blue." "Okay! I just wanted to...tell the principal." It's very sweet of them. They're sweet kids, all of them, and the school is so small (about 40 kids) that I know most of them and they know me. I'll miss them.

Today is my last day volunteering at Vista Hermosa, which means that it'll be my last day with internet access. We leave Washington on Saturday, my mom and I are spending one day in Portland, then heading up to Seattle for a couple days before going on up to Victoria or Vancouver, BC. I might be able to update at my uncle's house in Seattle, but I'll for sure write more when we get back to Eugene in late May or early June.