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Monday, June 06, 2005

Clearing out the end-of-semester quote chest

I had been meaning to record these for posterity but never got around to it during the actual, you know, semester. Two eProps to you if you can tell me who was drunk off their ass and who was sober when they said these!

Peggy: "Nooooo! No es la pravda!"

Amy: "Oh! I'm spilling all over me!"

Matt S: "British is almost Russian."

Alex: "I wouldn't want to be touched or felt by Robin Williams."

Everybody watching Motorcycle Diaries: "Motorcycles are cool," "Wow, I wish I had a motorcycle," etc.
Peggy: "I wish I had a cow. I would name it Jemima...Jemima Smokeyfish."
Me: "MIMEY!! I'm going to call you Mimey from now on."
Peggy: "Aw, I've never had a nickname before."

Matt: "Men are gross. We're disgusting. I don't know how you girls do anything with us. If I were a girl, I'd be the biggest lesbian slut ever. And I'd be a man-hater too."

Anna: "You were on 20/20?...You met Barbra Streisand?"