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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dreaming in Chilean

I had this weird dream that I was in this little newspaper shop in Northwest Portland, trying to buy a copy of El Mercurio, Chile's national newspaper. It was like 3:40pm in my dream, and I had to get back to Pioneer Square by 4 to catch the shuttle back up to campus. This little shop had all the newspapers from every Latin American country under glass, and I think maybe it sold cigars too because it was pretty smoky in there. Two women entered the shop right before me and the girl working the counter thought that we were all together because I was just sort of standing next to them. An old man suggested that I "hacer una fila," which according to Google means "to make a row" but in my crazy dreamworld meant to line up. Another girl came into the store and I told her I was the end of the line. It turned out that she was part of the LC group going to Chile and was a little insulted that I didn't recognize her right away. I told her how nervous I was, and she said that she wasn't nervous at all. Oh.

Finally the two women in front of me left and I bought a copy of El Mercurio. The counter girl didn't charge me. She told me that she was studying German at Portland State and that we should get together sometime.

I was speaking Spanish in the dream, so that's good, right? And I'm a little impressed with my dreamself for remember that the Chilean newspaper is called El Mercurio.

I watched you slowly disappear
Down into the officer's club
I woulda followed you in the door
But I didn't have a ticket stub.
So I waited all night, till the break of day
Hoping one of us could get free
Oh when the dawn came over the morning bridge
I knew that it was up to me.

-"Up to Me," Bob Dylan