...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Thursday, June 16, 2005

O ho lay dee odl lee o, o ho lay dee odl ay, O ho lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay

Re-reading the meme that I posted the other day, I thought of a legitmate reason that I would stop my wedding (#30): If my friends appeared at the back of the church singing a song called "How Do You Solve a Problem Called Jessica?"

You all could, however, serenade my husband-to-be and me with "The Lonely Goatherd,", because that song is awesome. A classic tale of the reality of the human condition...retold with puppets....and yodelling. I was trying to recreate the Lonely Goatherd scene for Becca the other day, and I may or may not have started yodelling out loud amongst the women's shoes at Target. (This was not the first time I have acted in age-inappropriate ways in a Target.)

There is nothing on earth that cannot be improved upon by the addition of yodelling.

Humility forces me to acknowledge that Amy's account of the last time we were drunk (#35) is much funnier and more accurate than mine:

35. The last time I was drunk, I : had a little get-together in my room with Chris L, Jess and Anna A. We prank IMed everyone who was signed on my buddy list, I wanted to race but no one would race me (cause they scared of my skillz), me and Jess wanted to watch the Baby-Sitters Club movie and Chris had even soberly AGREED to watch it with us, but I ended up watching Harry Potter 2 with sober people and despite the fact that he no longer lives in Akin, I signed Chris up for an Akin hall chore (which I seriously doubt he ever completed. How he ever legitimately checked out of LC is beyond me).

Chris, you can run but you can't hide. Sooner or later we're gonna make you watch the BSC movie. Also, Justin called, and he needs you to come back to Portland and clean the kitchen.