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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One of those photo posts that takes forever to load and screws up everything else on the page

I want to write more about my experiences at Broetje Orchards in Eastern Washington. It was a pretty significant experience, and now that I've put some time between myself and it, I think that it's time to write up some reflections. So expect a fairly lengthy post in the next couple of days, and it'll probably be religiously-oriented. But, you know, please don't be afraid to comment even if you're not religious, or if you disagree with some element of my beliefs, or if you think I haven't given proper consideration to some theological idea--I mean, please, post away. Sometimes I think that people are scared off from responding to my more churchy posts. I promise you won't offend me if you respond thoughtfully, even if you disagree. And really, that goes for any of my posts.

Anyways. Here are some pretty pretty pictures! Sorry they're so small, but the bigger size screwed up my sidebar. If you want to see bigger versions of these, or if, say, you want to zoom in on the ginormous scar on my right shin (see picture four, and you'll know what I'm talking about), then feel free to check out my Flickr account. My username is Marenka. Also...hmm. You can't really see the scar in photo four. You'll just have to trust me that it's there, and it's seriously like two inches long. Never try to shave your legs dry, girls.

Our group from Lewis & Clark: Kristin (the leader, on staff with InterVarsity, Matt, Anna, and me. Check out the rainbow behind us! We're standing in front of Jubilee Youth Ranch. More on that below.


E and S, two of the little girls in my class. Are they not adorable? E, the one on the left, looks just like my little cousin D, if he were a Mexican girl. She was also very smart. Like, they were working on unit conversions, and Mr. K asked me to help her, since she had just moved to Broetje and was a little behind. I looked at her worksheet, and one of the questions was (seriously): "8 bushels = ? pecks." Is this common knowledge? I didn't even know there was a unit of measurement called a peck. So I was all, "Um...," not sure how to help her, and she busted out with "There are 4 bushels in a peck." Or however many there were. I don't remember. I just remember that a peck is bigger than a bushel. She was also a whiz at long division. Helping her with math made me confront the sad, sorry fact that I never actually learned my all of my sevens or my eights. But now I know them, and I'm only twenty! Huzzah.


Playing with E and S. This is my new Facebook profile picture.


All the girls of our group. From left to right: Anna, Joy, Larissa, me, and Kaci. This was taken in the cafeteria of Jubilee Youth Ranch, where we ate most of our meals. Jubilee is a court-ordered alternative to prison for delinquent teenage boys. All the guys I spoke to, though, were incredibly sweet--it was hard to imagine them doing anything wrong. Then, in conversation, they'd casually mention "slanging" (dealing drugs) or something. It was interesting and pretty eye-opening. Anyways, we're all dressed up because we went to church that day. Check out how shiny my legs are--you'd never know that I hadn't shaved in over a month. God bless you, light hair.