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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Positive externalities are tasty

A conversation between my younger brother and me on the eve of his second-to-last day of eleventh grade:

Me: "Where are you going?"
Andy: "The the store. I need to get whipping cream and cocoa powder. Mom's making chocolate sauce for my final IB Economics project."
Me: "What does chocolate sauce have to do with economics?"
Andy: "It's a positive externality. I eat chocolate sauce and it puts me in a good mood, which is better for everyone around me. They benefit without any cost to them."


Me: "...That's the greatest line of bullshit I've ever heard to get Mom to make chocolate sauce."
Andy: "Hey, IB, therefore I b. s."

It feels as though summer is finally starting down here in the lower Willamette Valley. The weather is turning around--we've had at least two and half days of sun in a row! I love thunder and lightening, but I don't love riding my bike in the rain, so when the weather's bad, I have to rely on people with cars for transportation or just stay inside, and it pretty much sucks. But now it's getting better, yay.

Sarah and I went for a tango lesson Monday evening, which--revenge of the ocho cortada! I still have all the same problems and hang-ups I had with tango last summer, and since I haven't danced in almost a year, I'm rusty to boot. My biggest problem is that, as a follow, I try to anticipate what the lead is going to do and beat him to the step. (Maybe this problem has applications beyond the realm of dance.) Regardless, I had a great time. It was great to be dancing again.

The Eugene Emeralds, our minor-league baseball team, had their opening last night, and they won! The usual suspects were all there: Score Man and Jersey Boy (my dad and brother, who get their an hour before the gates open to dib our favorite general admission seats), YAK Man (Yells At Kids Man), We're Going Home Lady (so-named because she always threatens her kids, "We're going home!"), SOS Lady (Steals Our Seats Lady), Easy Out (A woman who always picks one player from the opposing team and yells when he comes up to bat, "Easy out!"), and Grandma (not our real grandma, just an elderly woman). I'm not wild about baseball, but spending an evening watching the Ems, who are young enough that they're just getting started in their careers and love the game, is always fun.

Finally, the volunteer meeting for the Migrant Summer School was this morning. I figured out that this will be my fifth summer volunteering for it! This time, Andy and my friend Sarah are going to volunteer as well. I can't wait. It starts the fifth of July, so I'll only be able to be there for the first week and a half before leaving for Chile.

Tango, baseball, and the migrant school are three of my favorite things about summer. I feel sad that they're just starting now--that the summer is being cut so short, that it took so long to get going, that I've spent so much time so far this summer feeling kind of bummed out about things. At least there's still three weeks to turn it around, right?

Sidenote to Peggy and Amy (and whoever else wants to chat: I didn't get online until about 2:15 this afternoon, so maybe I missed you two? I'll probably be on Messenger this evening around 11 or 12, and I'll try to be on tomorrow around 2 or so. From Friday to Tuesday, I'm going to be camping with my extended family and won't have internet access. My schedule is flexible, though, so let me know when you're going to be online and I'll be there.