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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A month into the semester here, and I´ve finally got my schedule nailed down. After much soul-searching and weighing of the pros and cons, I decided to drop my Contemporary Church History class. PRO: it would be interesting to be in a class taught by a nun. CON: if I go to a Jesuit seminary for graduate school, I´ll probably have plenty of classes taught by priests and nuns. PRO: I´m interested in church history. CON: but mostly post-Vatican II church history and North/Latin American church history, not 17th and 18th European church history, which would be the focus. Plus, since it wasn´t about Latin America it wouldn´t transfer to LC for Hispanic Studies credit. Plus, again, seminary: plenty of time for church history. PRO: my friend Ronald is in the class, along with many other friendly Ciencias Religiosas people who I know slightly. It would be a good way to get to know them better and become integrated into that community, since they seem like they´re all friends. CON: I have two other classes with Ronald and the Ciencias Religiosas people, and I don´t want them to get sick of seeing me. PRO: I did well on the reading test we had last week. CON: but the readings have been pretty boring and long-ish.

What won out in the end was the fact that I had to cancel all my plans for Saturday night to stay in and study. I need more time to study during the week so I can take advantage of the weekends to have fun with my friends and family, and since I didn´t bring my laptop and my host family doesn´t have a computer, I need a large chunk of time free to type papers in the computer lab here at the university. Dropping Church History means that I don´t have class until 3:30 on Tuesdays, which gives me time to do group work and readings.

I hate to have todrop the class because it feels like I´m admitting thatI´m not up to it. But on the other hand, I need to know my limits so I don´t go crazy. Ididn´t come to Chile to study all the time or kill myself with schoolwork; I do enought of that in Portland. Even though I know I´m making the right choice, I feel like I have to keep justifying it to myself and others.

So. As it stands, my courses:

3:30-6:50: Literatura chilena e hispanoamericana IV

3:30-6:50: Brasil: Universo de magia y diversidad

11:45-1:15: Moral de lo Social
2:00-3:30: Globalización e identidad chilena

10:05-11:35: Modernidad y problemas sociales
11:45-1:15: Moral de lo Social
2:00-5:10: Globalización e identidad chilena

11:45-1:15: Introducción a la nueva teología política

That´s all for now; I hope the semester is starting out on the right foot for everyone back home. ¡Chau!