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Friday, August 05, 2005

Political Theology will either kill me or be one of the best classes of my college career. Maybe both.

Today I had the class I´ve most been looking forward to, Introduccion a la Nueva Teologia Politica--Introduction to the New Political Theology, but I bet you already figured that out, since the names of all my classes are composed entirely of cognates. (Seriously. Modernidad y Problemas Sociales? Take a guess.) I thought that, of all the Ciencias Religiosas classes, that was the one most likely to be about liberation theology. And it is! It´s pretty much all about analyzing and contextualizing Latin American liberation theology. There are only six people in the class, including me, and I´m the only foreigner. Intimidating! I won´t be able to hide in the back and keep my mouth shut, even if I wanted to, because a) only six people in the class and b) evaluation is based almost entirely on participation and discussion.

One of the guys in the class is Ronan, who´s also in my Moral Social class. He seems super amable--he recognized me and rememberd my name, and introduced me to the rest of our classmates. They all knew each other already because at the universities in Chile, students follow one carerra from the beginning and pretty much only take classes within that discipline. The other students all seemed friendly and not too intimidating. In such a small class, it would be great to get to know each other. I think back to Seminar in Early American Religion, last spring, where by the end of the semester the five of us in the class had, like, class-related inside jokes. I don´t know if that´ll happen again in this course, but it would be cool if it did. Ronan and two of the other students look about my age, and then there´s a 30-something man and a 30-something woman who I think is studying/training to be a nun. I´m just judging based on what she was wearing, but it doesn´t seem to far-fetched, considering that this is a Catholic university and there´s a nun in my Moral Social class. I think she´s actually an initiate, or noviate, or whatever you call a nun-in-training, because she wears a black and white habit but her wimple doesn´t cover all of her hair. Or maybe that´s how her order does it. I really know next to nothing about what nuns wear, so I´m just guessing.

The Political Theology professor wasn´t too difficult to understand, although he was the tiniest bit intimidating to me. He lectured pacing back and forth in front of the white board, and when he stopped to make a point he would stomp his right foot.

I think it will be a great class.

Before I sign off, 2 eProps to my girl Sarah--I got the package you sent the day before yesterday, and it totally made my day. The collage is hanging above my mirror, so I look at it every day. Thank you!!