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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Amazing Race, don´t fail me now!

It´s (almost) official: we´re going to Buenos Aires! ´´We´´ so far is Kristin and me, but we hope Carla, Julia, and Mariah will be able to join us. We went to speak with a travel agent near Plaza de Viña, the main commercial center in Viña del Mar, this morning, and make reservations; we´re going to buy the (surprisingly cheap) tickets on Friday. The plan: miss half of the CIEE class Thursday afternoon to take the bus to Santiago, transfer by micro to the airport to get there by 6, fly out of Santiago at 8, arrive in B.A. around ten, transfer to our hotel, maybe dinner out after we get settled. Then we have three complete days to enjoy the city, eat delicious food, shop, see the sights, watch and maybe dance tango, and aprovechar el tiempo en general. Our hotel drives us back to the airport early early Monday morning for a 9am-ish flight back to Santiago, where we arrive around 10am Chile time and then hop on a bus back to Valparaíso. I won´t even miss my 3:40 literature class!

Me being me, I´m re-reading old Television Without Pity recaps to remind me of what the teams did when they went to Buenos Aires a couple seasons ago. I just hope we´re not Philiminated!