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Monday, September 26, 2005

Take this cup away from me

Most Fabulous Moment of Saturday Night: Davíd, a new Chilean friend/friendly acquaintance, singing ´´Gethsemane´´ in Spanish from Jesus Christ, Superstar at the karaoke bar in Quilpue that we went out to. He totally had it down, including the screams. Amy, I thought of you so much!

Most Awkward Moment of Saturday Night: Juan Carlos, the Chilean friend who invited me out to Quilpue, drunkenly dedicates a karaoke song to me, called something like ´´Imagíname sin ti´´ (Imagine me without you). The announcer guy introduces me as Juan Carlos´s girlfriend, and I half-drunkenly try to clarify that we´re just friends.

Most ´I Know What I´m Doing Here´ Moment of Saturday Night: Juan Carlos puts me in a colectivo (taxi that follows a fixed route) back to Viña (Quilpue´s about an half-hour away by auto) and I successfully negotiate with the driver to take me straight to my door, rather than dropping me off at Calle Arlegui, as he normally would. I didn´t actually save any money in the negotiation--I ended up paying him an extra thousand pesos, which is what it would have cost to just get another colectivo at Arlegui--but it would have been worth paying extra to not have to stand around Arlegui or Agua Santa drunk at three in the morning.

Memorable quotes:

Jon: ´´The girl...from semester past...´´

Jake´s Chilean friend Pamela, asking us to explain some North American song lyrics: ´´What does this mean: ´Break it down, break it down, you got to spread the love around´?´´

Ambar, on gender relations (originally in Spanish): ´´Chilean men are liars, Jessica. I don´t like men very much, and Chilean men even less.´´ On another occasion: ´´Women are intelligent, strong, powerful, protective of their children, loved ones, and friends. Men, on the other hand, are stupid.´´

Daniela, a Chilean friend, in English: ´´I think that...by the end of the semester, we´re both going to be speaking Spanglish.´´