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Thursday, September 22, 2005

US out of my uterus!

Last night Carla and I were riding the micro back into Viña from Valpo. Our conversation would be hard to replicate completely, but it followed this basic flow:

1. Carla likes to watch Oprah.
2.Did you see that Onion article, "Oprah Stuns Audience with Free Man Giveaway?"
3. How about the time she gave away the cars?
4. The Daily Show segment on that was so funny.
5. Jon Stewart. Now, he is one attractive fellow.
6. What's up with the LC facebook group, "Jon Stewart for President of My Vagina?"
7. Yeah, no kidding. Is there a Vice-President of My Vagina?
8. That reminds me of an old Onion Point/Counterpoint on abortion: "US Out of My Uterus" vs. "We Must Deploy Troops to Your Uterus Immediately."
9. As long as there's a President and a Vice-President, maybe there should be a Department of Defense of My Vagina.

You can probably imagine where the conversation went from there. We came up with the Department of Education of My Vagina, the Speaker of the House of My Vagina, and, my personal favorite, Secretary of the Interior of My Vagina.

Micro-inappropriate? Perhaps, but oh so funny!