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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Women, Part Two

Alternate Title: Guess Who´s Got Tonsilitis?

While I was in Calama, wandering around waiting for the Pullman bus to come, my head and throat started to hurt a little. I had had a sick taste, getting-a-sore-throat taste in my mouth since the night before, so I wasn´t totally surprised, and I chalked the headache up to crying-based dehydration. Plus, it was a hot day and there was a ton of dust and sand in the air, none of which are good for health of the moister parts of the body. The bus came, and I got on it.

To cut a long, uncomfortable bus ride short, by the time we arrived in Valparaíso, I looked like re-fried hell, hadn´t eaten or drunk anything more than six cookies and a few sips of water in about twenty-eight hours, had a pounding headache, and could barely swallow or speak above a whisper. Marcia, our wonderful CIEE director, scheduled a doctor´s appointment for me and sent me home to rest. I pretty much never get anything worse than a cold (I´ve gotten sick in Chile way more often, and more seriously--relatively speaking--than I ever do in the US), and the last time I´ve gone to the doctor for anything other than a yearly checkup was probably when I got strep throat at age eleven or something. I´m not saying it´s a good thing, but I think I´ve picked up my dad´s stubborness about letting his body sort out its own little ups and downs, rather than using medication to regulate things. So anyways, to suck it up and go to see the doctor because I wasn´t feeling well was a biggish deal.

But I´m glad I did, because diagnosis: acute tonsilitis. They´re not going to take them out, which was the first thing I thought of (I kept remembering that scene from Roald Dahl´s extremely disturbing autobiography Boy when the doctor cuts out his tonsils with a long hook and no anesthesia), but I´m supposed to stay home and rest for the next week or so and take antibiotics. The medicine is already helping, I think, and after several weeks of running around it´ll be nice to pasarlo piola (chill, pretty much) at home this weekend. Healthy thoughts are appreciated, and I promise my next entry will be more upbeat!