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Friday, November 25, 2005

Procrastination and mental blockage, part C XXVI

Christ, I´m at that point in the semester that I really, really, really hate. Where I´m sitting in front of a computer screen with an essay half-written, and I can feel that I´ve drinken too much coffee because I´m all jittery and whenever I take my hands off the keyboard I have to constantly be scratching my nose, or smoothing my hair, or adjusting my glasses, or tapping my fingers on the desk because goddamn that Nescafé is strong. And I´m so desperate to distract myself that I start reading the May and June 2003 archives of an old high-school friend´s LiveJournal. I know it´s my own damn fault, and I should just buckle down and write the thing all ready, but it´s so easy to not do it. I just hate myself in the morning. (When it all comes together in the end, sometimes it makes a funny story...like the time at the end of last semester when I tried to pull an all-nighter to finish (well...start might be a more appropriate word) my final 15-page paper for Seminar in Early American Religion, and I went a tiny bit crazy and thought that Peggy was out in the hall, even though she had left Portland that morning, and I stumbled out all wild-eyed ´´Peggy? Peggy, where are yoooooou?´´ and before the night was over, somehow I was reading aloud to Chris Leong from Logan Bruno: Boy Baby-Sitter while wearing a black cocktail dress at four in the morning. Hee! Also, sorry, Chris.) (The paper turned out well.) But this is why when I try to write a paper in my dorm room back at school, I physically need to disconnect the ethernet cable and put it somewhere out of reach.

I had my Teología Política final today. It turned out to be a 30-question multiple choice/true-false test that we took in small groups. I was able to contribute to my group and knew the answers to some of the questions that they weren´t sure of, and likewise there were some questions about church history and theologians (and la Ilustración, whatever that was) that I would have had no clue on, so it worked out pretty well. It was 100% of our grade, but I´m confident that we did well or possibly even aced it.

I have oral exams for Modernidad y Problemas Sociales and Literature IV on Monday, December 5. Then, I´m done!

I´d like to write about Thanksgiving, but it would take too long and Nescafé is calling me. Perhaps I´ll write tomorrow, since I will certainly need to go to an internet cafe to finish this essay. Party tonight at Mariah´s friend´s house? Harry Potter tomorrow? En route to Chiloé on Sunday? Whee!

Chao for now!