...except for me and my monkey! "Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see." -Rene Magritte

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Andando con los monos

That´s Chilean slang for being in a really bad mood for no apparent reason. It literally means ´´going around with the monkeys.´´ It also describes my mood right now.

I hate for one of my last posts before I leave for Peru and Easter Island to be so negative, especially since some great things have happened since I last posted here, but I am so, so, sooooooo sick of people here saying one thing and doing another. I´m sick of group members who don´t call me to tell me when they´re meeting; I´m sick of professors who tell me I can take the test a week later then the other students then call Marcia all, ´´Why didn´t Jessica show up on test day?´´; I´m sick of running around downtown Viña going to the doctor to see if my test results have come back (that was all resolved yesterday, at least); I´m sick of piropos in the streets and the immaturity of many students here in general; and most of all (right now), I´m sick of the flakiness of my professors in regard to turning back our final grades. I can´t schedule my life around my professors´ office hours, which they normally don´t follow in any case. When I make a special trip to Valparaíso to pick up my grades, a day or a week after the date a professor said she would have our grades in, and they´re still not there, that makes me really mad and frustrated. And the answer is always, ´´Come back in a couple hours.´´ I´m going to Santiago this afternoon and freaking Peru tomorrow--I can´t always come back in a couple hours.

Yesterday Carla and Julia and I talked about how we only really waste time on Facebook when we miss our friends. Obviously, when we´re with our friends, we´d rather hang out with them then analyze all their wall posts, right? But when we´re lonely, or missing people, or (at least in my case) jealous of other people our friends are spending time with, that´s when the serious stalking begins. And the three of us are expert Facebook-stalkers.