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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I´m happy now

I was really hoping to be able to write more, but I have to head out in about half an hour, so...yeah. Barring unforseen circumstances like free internet in the Santiago airport or a cheap internet cafe, by the next time I post, I will have been to Macchu Picchu, possibly to Easter Island (I mean, I´m definitely going to Easter Island, but I´m going to try to post before then) and Chile will know who its new president is. Actually, I´d be surprised if the election doesn´t go to a second round, but Chile will at least have it narrowed down to two candidates. My money´s on Piñera winning against Bachelet in the second round. If I could vote, I would vote for Hirsch (Humanist Party, far-left coalition) in the first round then Bachelet (Socialist Party, center-left coalition) in the second round.

To Mariah, Carla, and Julia: I wish I had more time to say goodbye to you guys. Julia, have a wonderful time travelling with your parents, and send me the Buenos Aires pictures when you get a chance, okay? If you send them via email, please cc it to my hotmail account (address on my Facebook profile). I loved getting to know you and I´ll miss you next semester. Carla, give me a call if you´ll be in Punta Arenas between the 22nt and the 29th. I left your tote bag with Gisella, with a poster of Julia´s and Mariah´s books. Could you please make sure they get them? Have a great time with your family, and I can´t wait to see you in the airport on the 11th to make that last trip back to Portland! Mariah, I will miss you at LC next semester and I can´t wait to hear about all of your adventures. Stay in touch! I love you guys.