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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Minnesota Trucker Hat

I try not to bitch too much about individual people on here because...well, for several reasons, really. It's really passive-agressive, and of course it's better to bitch directly at the person in need of the bitching, rather than post it on my blog. I'm never sure exactly who reads this, and since the link is on my Facebook profile, it's readily accessible to the whole school. Plus, I would hate it if I Googled someone from high school or something and found their blog that was all, "Jessica J was soooo stupid!" or whatever--I don't want to put old acquaintences through the same Sturm und Drang, should they look themselves up.

However. Some people are sufficiently annoying that they need to be bitched out. What's a girl to do? Invent a pseudonym!

Minnesota Trucker Hat is a strong-jawed character that I ran into a lot my freshman year. A girl who I used to be friends with had a huge thing for him, so he often sat with us in the Bon, and then he was also in Clay's and my Biology 151 class. He made annoying, self-righteous, show-offy comments, he was from Minnesota, and he wore a trucker hat. I ran into him at an election-results-watching party in November last year, and I thought he seemed a lot less annoying and even kind of nice, plus he really was cute in a strong-jawed, tan way, but then Amy and I got into an argument with him at another party later in the semester and I was reminded of why I disliked him in the first place. Clay feels the same way; whenever one of us mentions this kid's name, it goes something like this.

Person 1: "I was talking with Alyssa the other day, and she mentioned something about Minnesota Trucker Hat.
Person 2: "Oh, Minnesota Trucker Hat."
Person 1: "Fuckin' Minnesota Trucker Hat."

So, why do I bring this up? Facebooking today, I found his blog. And now I can't rest until I read through all of it--and as I read, I keep repeating "Fuckin' Minnesota Trucker Hat."