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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pretty funny, eh?

Last night's conversation reminded me of why I wanted to live with the boys in the first place. I was hanging out in the living room, pretending to work on my Frankenstein reading journal for my Gender Studies class when my roommate Ryan came home. Chris and Clay heard us talking and came out of their rooms, and the four of us just...stood around and talked for awhile. It was simple, but fun, and as Clay pointed out, pretty much the first time all four of us have been in the same room (while sober and awake, anyways) since the semester started. Somehow we started talking about our in-sink garbage disposal unit...and, well, you can and should read all about it on Clay's LiveJournal. "Garbarator." Hee!

Also, more and more, I'm convinced that Canadians use "eh?" the same way Chileans use "¿cachai?"

I've pretty much sucked at updating my blog recently, but again, I'll try to write more over the weekend. For now, quotes!

Clay: "You're wearing lipstick. That's new."

Me, making my merry way home early in the morning last weekend, and running into Ryan and Mike on their way to Mike's: "I'm a little drunk right now."
Ryan: "Yeah, I can tell."
Mike: "Fight the power!"
the next day...
Me: "Did Mike tell me to 'fight the power' last night?"
Ryan: "Yeah, he likes to say crazy shit like that. You laughed really hard."
Me: "Well, I was really wasted.
Ryan: "Yeah, we could tell."

Cyrus Partovi, my US Foreign Policy professor: "Listen, guys, democracy is not Lipton Tea. You can't just dip it in."

Amy: "Chris, there's some Hamburger Helper left if you're hungry."
Chris (having just eaten about twelve truffles): "No thanks, I'm pretty full. I've got to....go sit off those truffles."

Clay, coming in from the pouring rain: "It's raining men!"
Me: "Really? Hallelujah!"