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Monday, May 01, 2006

Anatomy of an all-nighter

8:00pm: I return to the apartment from downtown, where I've been incredibly productive, studying-wise. Seriously: I read almost a hundred pages of foreign policy. When I return, I see that one of my roommates is entertaining friends. I'm not on particularly good terms with any of them, so I high-tail it to my room and go back to learning about the Hamiltonian school of foreign policy. Oh, knowledge!

8:35: Phone for me! It's my friend Sarah from home. We buy our Eurail passes for this summer. Exciting!!

9:30: Back to foreign policy. I finish the chapter, then start rummaging around my room, looking for some scholarship information that my mom sent me. The stuff needs to be in the mail, uh, today. I can't find it anywhere. Uh oh.

11:30: Are Roommate's friends gone? Mostly. Good. I can't type in my room--too distracting. I take my computer out to the counter that separates the kitchen from the living room and pull up a seat. Wait, I'm hungry. I make a salad. Then I write.

12:15: I call Amy to double-check a passage in Fight Club. Talk. Talk. Talk.

1:00: Other Roommate, the one I'm now closest to, comes home. We get into a long conversation.

2:30: Back to work. Type type type. My Gender Studies paper is on the function of violence in The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood), Fight Club (Palhiniuk, whatever), and Fury (Rushdie). It's a take-home final due by noon Monday; I have another question prompt to respond to after this one.

4:30: Other Roommate comes back out of his room and tells me about some book summaries he'd been reading on Wikipedia. Like, the series about what would have happened if the South had won the Civil War. And another series by the same author about this race of aliens that comes to Earth during WWII and takes over Australia, South Asia, and South America. They're green lizard-men and they're addicted to ginger. Ginger! We laugh for a long time at that one. Plus, the aliens are from a desert planet and are unable to handle snow, which prohibits them from taking over Chicago.

5:15: Back to work. Only...Other Roommate came out just as I had finished the violence essay, so it was a natural stopping place, and now it's not so easy to get back to work. I make a cup of tea and read an article in the New York Times Magazine about the Muslim evangelist. I really need to find that scholarship stuff, so I head over to the mail room to see if I left the packet of papers from my mom in my mail box.

5:50: Boo, it's not there. That means I have to tear my room apart when I get back, pretty much. I'm pretty sure the mail doesn't go out until 1pm or so, so I have some time to fill all the forms out, provided I can find the paperwork. But I did get my paycheck from the church, so that's good.

6:10: Blogging....blogging....blogging...


6:30: I return to the apartment from the computer lab and do one more sweep through my room to find the scholarship paperwork. Success! I fill it out.

7:30: Back to the second gender essay. It's about love and motherhood in Frankenstein versus The Handmaid's Tale.

8:30: Roommate and his friend, who slept over, stumble out of Roommate's room and off to class.

9:00: The essay, she is done. Now, for a shower, some breakfast (chicken noodle soup--my biorhythms are all off now) and off to the Registrar's office to order a transcript to be sent out today with the scholarship stuff.