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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Third grade or bust

I know that the Migrant Summer School, which begins today, is not all about me. I do. And I know that if they don't need my volunteer skillz in the 3rd grade classroom, then I just need to go wherever they need me. And if all the classrooms are full of freaking UO practicum students and they have no space for a volunteer who's been with the program six full years, and who speaks Spanish, unlike a lot of the UO volunteers, then I should just make photocopies or coffee or whatever else they do need done. I really do know and understand those things, and I'm happy to be a part of such a great program even if this year is not like all the others. Really.

But I really, really, really want to be in the 3rd grade classroom. I already know over half the kids because I've been working with them for the past two or, for some of them, three years. They all like me and the teacher said that they told her they couldn't wait to see me (ego boost of the month). Just because I couldn't go to the volunteer coordination meeting last month, I don't think it's totally fair to make me the office girl, or the person who does the miscellaneous chores in every classroom like cutting paper and filling paper cups with glue. I mean, I have such a history with the program and with the kids. Even if I can't volunteer in the 3rd grade room, I just want to be a classroom where I can get to know and form relationships with the kids. I think I will talk with Guadalupe (the program director) after class today--right now the first-graders are on recess; when they return I'm going to go back to giving them reading placement tests.

I'm trying to be a grown-up about this, but I'm disappointed.

Long post about the trip coming in the near future.