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Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Ya got an angel witcha right now."

As far as FameTracker features go, Two Stars, One Slot: When Niche Actors Collide isn't one of my favorites, simply because I often have no idea who the specific actors are, or if I've heard the name, I can't conjure up their image in my mind and I'm too lazy to do a Google Image search. But today's article was great: Battle of the Next Gyllenhaals, pitting Joseph Gordon-Levitt against Shia LeBeouf. Wing Chun didn't mention this in the article, but Gordon-Levitt was the kid in Angels in the Outfield...you know, the movie from the early nineties with Danny Glover and Christopher Lloyd and Tony Danza, where this kid starts having visions of angels helping out his beleagured Anaheim Angels, also known as The Movie My Brother and I Completely Memorized. See, this obessive streak runs through my family, and in Andy (my brother), it mostly manifests itself in movies. He gets hooked on one movie, and then he watches it, oh, three hundred times and then moves on to another one. I'm not exaggerating; throughout elementary school, he used to watch Angels in the Outfield through to the end, then rewind it and watch it again. Whenever he and I were out with our parents and we had to wait for them, we would divide up the characters and run through the dialogue. "Okay, you be JP and Mr. Knox; I'll be Al and Roger and that weird guy." (A couple movie obsessions after Angels in the Outfield, we hit on the original version of Twelve Angry Men...which we've also memorized. It's harder because none of the characters have names, so we refer to them by either the actor's name or their "type." "Okay, you're the old man, and I'm Henry Fonda, and Jessica is the racist guy." We watched that movie until the tape ran out.) Once at an Em's (our local minor-league baseball team) game six or seven years ago, Andy stood up and solemnly started flapping his arms--Roger's signal to Mr. Knox, the team manager, that a certain player had an angel with him.

All this to say that we're huge Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans. But little Roger as the next Jake Gyllenhaal? I don't know how I feel about that. In our minds--or at least, in my mind--he'll always be nine years old and flapping his arms like a maniac.