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Friday, August 25, 2006


Officially off the Shit List: the Eugene Public Library. See, they've been insisting for weeks that I have out an issue of Bitch and a GRE prep book, and I've been ignoring their emails because I was positive that I had turned those in before the due date--I mean, I had a sense memory of putting them in the slot!--and I guess I hoped that the library would find them and sort out the problem itself, since clearly I didn't have the materials. So, I guess I waited a little too long because I got a letter the other day saying they're officially suspending my borrowing privileges until I return the stuff. And I was mad, because I knew that I already had! Except for not, because I just found the GRE book and the magazine in a pile of stuff that I never unpacked from when we went camping in July. Now I'm remembering that I checked out a different GRE book, Princeton Review not Kaplan, and that what I'm remembering turning back in.

Conclusion: Thank God!