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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I want to study religion so that I can hang out with people like Paul full time

Quote of the Day from Paul, my Methods in the Study of Religion professor:

"Jean Bodin...Jean Bodin. Like my accent? I had to learn to read French in graduate school. Reading French is not terribly difficult, but how does anyone speak it? It's like, there are 27 vowels at the end of the word, and you don't pronounce any of them. Speaking French is like performance art. It's impossible to do with a straight face. Speaking French sounds like you're making fun of France."

He went on to call Bodin both a pastry chef and a cheese chef. Any time he said the name Bodin, Eric and I were reduced to giggles.

I haven't had a class from Paul since Women in the Islamic World my freshman year, and I had forgotten how funny and quotable he is. Back when Ryan and I were close friends (ah, those halcyon days!), we would frequently describe things as "interesting, but profoundly boring." That's another Paulism, and it captures perfectly the sense of something that's interesting to know about, and you feel like a richer person for knowing about it and being able to discuss it, but the process of obtaining that knowledge is excruciating. Paul first used it to describe medieval Islamic women's participation in the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), which pretty well captures the sense of it.