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Monday, October 02, 2006

How to prepare for an all-nighter at the library

1. Procrastinate as long as possible. You should not head over the library any earlier than one a.m. For instance, you might watch an episode of Flavor of Love, then read some of Baby-Sitters Club #99: Stacey's Broken Heart, then spend half an hour checking out American Girl doll accessories online. You know, hypothetically.
2. Shot-gun a pot of coffee. Then make another pot of coffee and pour it all into a travel mug.
3. Change into the clothes you're wearing the next day. Long sleeves will help fight off the four a.m. shivers.
4. Braid your hair. When you run directly to class from the library the next morning, this will make it marginally less obvious that you haven't showered.
5. Roll up your toothbrush and toothpaste in a handtowel. See #4.
6. You should be carrying at least 20 pounds of books, papers, and computer accessories.
7. Go ahead and pack Stacey's Broken Heart in your bag. Who are you kidding?