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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who Loves the Sun?

Nabbed from the ladies of One Weigh or Another. The idea is you choose your favorite band and answer the questions in song titles from that group. I choose The Velvet Underground:

Are you male or female: There She Goes Again, Femme Fatale
Describe yourself: Pale Blue Eyes
How do some people feel about you: Run Run Run
How do you feel about yourself: Beginning to See the Light
Describe your significant other: Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
Describe where you want to be: Train Round the Bend, All Tomorrow’s Parties
Describe how you live: Head Held High, I Found a Reason, I’m Set Free
Describe how you love: After Hours
Share a few words of wisdom: Walk and Talk It

I tag Amy, Eric, and Peggy. So get to it!