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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Max Weber: Super Genius!

...And speaking of intellectual crushes, today we started talking about Max Weber in Methods. Seriously, it would be impossible to overstate the love our professor Paul has for Weber; he's been talking him up all semester and even, on the syllabus, named this week "Max Weber, Super Genius." Today he gave a long testimonial about the effects of Weber's theory in his life, how The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism was the best book he read in his undergraduate years and how he remembers sitting in the library reading it and having this amazing moment of revelation that he wanted to devote his life to Religious Studies. It was awesome to see him get so excited and passionate, but also pretty hilarious, the level of his devotion; I wouldn't be surprised if someday the guy wrote a book called Saint Weber.. Some quotations:

"The world will never produce another scholar like Max Weber...he's the supreme, crowning achievement of the discipline...the unsurpassed genius of Religious Studies." (which prompted Eric to whisper to me, "Was Max Weber the Messiah?")

Discussing the differences in Marx and Weber's treatments of capitalism: "And who's right? Marx...Weber...Marx...Weber. Weber's better than Marx...nyah nyah nyah!"

"I'm being dismissive of Marx here...partly to make Weber look that much better."