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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I realized this afternoon that almost every paper I'm going to be writing from now until the end of the semester is, in some way, about Judaism. Check it:

Spanish 410: Major Periods in Spanish Literature: The use of the Judeo-Spanish language Ladino by the Sephardic Jewish communities of Spain as a means of preserving/creating identity. This is the paper that I'm currently battling against. I don't know. I kind of wish I had chosen an easier topic, or at least something more specific. It's due Friday at 5.

Religious Studies 401: Methods in the Study of Religion: Applying Weberian theory to the Lubavitcher Hasidic Jewish sect and the Jewish Renewal movement. Supposed to be due Friday, but I got an extension until next Tuesday, thank God. Plus, I only have to turn in a rough draft on Tuesday, anyway. But I don't normally write in rough drafts: I wait until I feel inspired then write the entire paper in one feverish, all-night sitting. So what I turn in Tuesday will more than likely be basically my final draft, for better or for worse.

Religious Studies 398: The Apocalyptic Imagination: The apocalyptic/messianic/eschatological elements in Ulysses. Am I crazy for trying to take this on? Maybe, but it's too fun and interesting to pass up--plus it's just close enough to the final paper I have for Rishona's class that it'll reduce the amount of original research/analysis I have to do, while being different enough that I don't feel bad/dishonest for doubling up on the topic. Speaking of which...

English 333: Major Figures Joyce/Woolf: The character of Bloom as a Jewish/Irish messianic figure, and the ways in which Joyce conflates the Irish hope and struggle for home rule with Jewish messianism. (Can you say "New Bloomusalem?")