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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"What do you expect, Mother? I'M HALF MACHINE!"

Over the weekend my mom took Daxie, our cat, to the veterinarian to have a microchip implanted in her back. She's an indoor/outdoor cat and loses her collar pretty frequently, so we thought it would be a good idea to have some form of permanent identification. This afternoon, I got this email from my dad:

Just a brief note via electronic mail ("e-mail") that Mom had a microchip inserted into Dax the other day, right between the shoulder blades. This is in case she is ever lost, or more importantly, found. I've been trying to use the TV remote to make her dance, but no luck so far.


Updated November 28: Several people have landed on this entry by googling the post title. So in case you're wondering: It's from Arrested Development, after Buster's hand is bitten off by a loose seal (get it? GET IT?) and he gets a hook to replace it. Lucille fires the maid after finding the two canoodling and gets a Roomba to replace her. But then she finds Buster in bed with the Roomba! When she confronts him, he responds with "What do you expect, Mother? I'M HALF MACHINE!" I hope that helps. :-)