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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Windmills, weights, moons, mitzvot, Mormons, and magical realism

...All answers to the question, "What will Jessica be studying next semester?"

My class schedule ended up pretty okay. The only big problem was that Yoga was all filled up by the time I tried to register for it, so I had to take Beginning Weight Training instead for my last PE credit requirement. That's okay; it seems like a useful life skill to have, to know how to use the weight machines, and it would force me to work out more than I currently have been. The problem is that the class meets Tuesday/Thursday from 8 to 9 in the morning.


In the morning!!!

I'm bummed, because if I didn't have to take Weight Training, I wouldn't have class until 1:50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I was looking forward to that because then I wouldn't necessarily have to spend Monday and Wednesday nights on campus. I'm going to have Astronomy, Post-Colonial Literature, and Don Quijote (my last class for the Hispanic Studies major) all in a block from 10:20 to 2:50 Monday and Wednesday, then Astronomy and Don Quijote only on Fridays. I want to take Susannah's Mormonism seminar on Tuesday/Thursday, but the registrar isn't letting me register for it because I've already taken her Seminar in Early American Religion and it's technically the same class number. But since it's a change of topic, I think they should let me take it. I'll talk with her about it. And, I'll be writing my thesis next semester as well (the mitzvot part of this post title).

Overall, I'm looking forward to next semester. So far, I love my senior year.